Menopause Does not have to keep us Down!

Ladies, I want to let you know menopause  is no longer a taboo subject. To prove this, I am going to talk about it and encourage you to live life to the fullest no matter your age or changing bodies. You are not alone in this endeavor. There are thousands of women living these terrible unfair changes we have to go through. It doesn’t help one iota when someone says, “be grateful, some don’t have the chance to live long enough to experience these symptoms. To them I feel for these unfortunate women, however, it does not make it any less uncomfortable, nor do I feel “fortunate.” Lets face it, hot flashes, mood swings and dry vagina’s that make it painful to have sex with our husbands is not pleasant. It is not life enhancing. It is during these times that I am convinced that if there is a God, it is definitely male.So how do we empower ourselves. Those who like me feel ignored, unimportant to our society that loathes growing old. For me it entails no longing focusing on my sagging boobs that once stood out straight and proud. Accepting our bodies that have gone from firm tight butts and abdomens to frumpy wrinkled skin. I didn’t know a body could form so many wrinkles and dimples! And why wasn’t I told about thinning hair you know where! It is no wonder some men look for younger women to have sex with. Is it right? Hell no. I would kill my husband and the lady he was with if it happened to me. And why do you want to kill that lady and not your husband anyway!

However, there are still good times ahead. We are not old like some want to believe. This is not the end of the road. Life can still be fun and worthwhile. We only need to take control of how we react to these menopausal years.To continually remind ourselves each morning when we look in the mirror that we are important and have something to give back to society.

So here is how I choose to begin later years. From this day forward I am taking back control  of my life. It is up to us whether or not we fall into the depts. of despair, blaming our husbands for our misery; yes some days they are. But now   I say to every women out there who are going through these times in their lives, it is time to empower ourselves once again. Some of us have never felt empowered, so we will have to find ways to do so. Look within our selves and ask, “what would empowerment mean to me?” What activities would I enjoy getting involved in. Then you go out there, search the web and find where there groups or other women doing these things. Look for those who are living life to the fullest each, no matter their ailments or pain in joints. Stay away from the ladies who sit around feeling sorry for themselves and just seek pity instead of happiness, enjoyment each new day. I, for instance have joined the Red Hat Society and am Queen of our new chapter in my town.

Whoops, once again I divert from the topic at hand. So where was I. Oh yes, menopause and its joys. Well I will not waste another moment feeling and acting like an old prude. I am not old. My mind is active and wants to learn new things and I intend to!















What Can I Do?

It’s time to use our “Nagging” skills! Ladies! This came to me one night while I was sitting back complaining about how bad it is right now with the White House Administration. It was a wake up call, thinking  about how other women are out there doing something. It doesn’t matter that they may not succeed in getting laws changed, it matters that they are being pro-active, giving all their effort into the fight. These brave women are not taking the easier softer way, or  letting others do the fighting for them. No, they are out there doing walks of protest, calling their Senators etc.. What I am doing is taking on the role of being a victim. It is so much easier to be a victim than to stand up and fight.

Fighting brings confrontation and fear of being wrong. The old tapes from childhood rear their ugly heads to remind me I am not good enough, strong enough or have the intelligence to get involved. But I have been asking myself lately, “is this really who I want to be today?” Ladies, is it who you are? We can change this victimization. It will take guts and endurance. It will be hard, but as a dear friend reminds me; “yes, Cathie my dear, it is hard, but it is “do-able”. So how far am I willing to go, to take responsibility and be pro-active about the changes that are occurring under the new administration?

We as women have come a long way in the past 50 years. And in the last ten we have progressed far in the GLTG population. Is it worth a few uncomfortable, difficult moments to keep the rights and freedoms we have gained as women and minorities? Remember ladies, we are not alone in this fight! There are millions of women and minorities standing up together, fighting to keep our freedom and to gain more roles in our lives and those of our children’s. Do we want the next generation of women to be put back to the “bare foot and pregnant era? Do we want our little girls to believe they are no longer equal in society to men? You may believe this is impossible and won’t happen. Wake up my dears, open your eyes, it is already happening. Our new administration is male dominant, males who feel they are superior to women and perhaps all citizens perhaps.

The new commander in chief is doing as he pleases and at our cost. Our future is no longer secure. As fearful as it may be for those of us who lack confidence and still overcoming past false beliefs about ourselves, we must stand up for ourselves.

Our phone calls may go unheeded, our letters of protest may end up in the garbage pail. However, we can’t let that stop us. This is the time for us to take that reputation of being “nags” to good use. Start nagging your politicians.

I don’t know if this post will make a difference. Not sure I really care. I just needed to get it out and move on. But I will move on standing up, not sitting in a chair whining. Not anymore! I will not give up so easily. I don’t know about you ladies out there, but I have had enough of feeling controlled and out of control. Powerlessness cannot continue to run my life. But it helps to stand up when you know you support from your fellow sisters out there.

What really knocks my socks off is how our new Commander in Chief even wants that position after seeing all the protests around or nations. I would have run with my head between my legs after the first march! Either he is really confident, (arrogant really), or he is truly blind to it all. I am not a political activist, which you no doubt already figured out from this post, but my passion to keep us from being pushed back into the 1800s frightens me. And all I see in our new Administration is strong conservative, arrogant men who have very low opinion of women and are so afraid of the power we have gained in the world.

Oh well, it is time to move on. I am writing out of my comfort zone. On a lighter note, I have some positive actions coming up in my life that I am excited to share. So don’t let this post scare you away. The Cathie you know and I am sure have come to love will be back in my next post.