Jesus vs the Joel Osteen’s of the World

So, I just saw a photo of Joel Osteen in his million dollar private jet that he does not have to pay taxes on, while the people paying him all this money for tickets do have to pay taxes. Yes, they can deduct what they give to the church. But is this really what Jesus was about? Where in the Gospels or anywhere else does it talk about his followers being rich? All I’ve read about Jesus and his followers is how much they suffered for believing in him. They were hungry and did not have a lot of things. Yet, today those who teach “The word of God” are in large mansions, flying in million dollar jets; fancy clothes, rich jewelry. And they say they are blessed by God. Well I am not a fan. Whatever I have read about Jesus, was about him being AMONG the sick, poor and sinners. He didn’t preach from a fancy podiums, nor rich, fancy churches He spoke to the people where they lived. No fancy sermons. He simply prayed for Gods help and just spoke about his father from his heart. When you speak from you heart, only truth can come. Is it wrong for preachers to be comfortable or rich? Perhaps not. After all, can they help it if people are ignorant enough to pay to hear them preach or read their books? I simply have a problem watching these rich fancy speakers telling their followers what they want to hear; or what they need to do to be “saved.” living so richly that they forget who needs to know about the love of God. The street people, the terminally ill, the elderly, you get my point. These are the people Jesus would walk among. And! This amazing spiritual teacher NEVER promised his listeners they would be blessed with riches. No, he spoke only of God and his love for the poor and the sinners. If they followed him they would have strength. It would come, I believe, through their faith in God’s love for them. Not from receiving “rewards” as a good follower. So why are folks drawn to these speakers of God? I watched Joyce Meyers for a bit. Wanted to see her, listen to her. Then I went to one of her speaking engagements here in Denver CO. You know what I experienced? A well rehearsed show. And that is what these people, I believe, are all about. Showmanship. Give a good show, tell the people what they want to hear and bang, the money comes flowing in and you are rich. Oh I am sorry, you are blessed. While these speakers, (notice I don’t call them preachers) are in safe places wearing rich clothes, the poor are not hearing them, they are in the streets where there is no television or radio. But that’s ok. They are not who you are trying to reach are they? No, you are trying to reach out to those who have the money to pay for a ticket to hear you. Am I judging? Damn straight. Because I hear your words, you use bible verses to suit your cause and leave the most important lessons behind. Where was Jesus? In the streets, in the homes of sinners, dirty people, poor people. Jesus wasn’t sharing God’s truth for money or comfort, but because it was his real truth. He said the kingdom of God is within you. Nor up in heaven. Within you. I feel this is a spiritual message, not a religious dogma. And I cannot believe for one minute that he would be happy watching people like Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyers and other rich evangelical getting rich off fancy words this wonderful teacher, Jesus, never intended to be used in this manner. If I were a believer, I certainly would love to see the risen Christ come back right now and take on the Joel Osteen’s of the world. Get rid of that damn jet and put some people back in homes they have lost; food in the mouths of orphans you preach so much about saving. Do you really need all that you have? Really? I can’t help but wonder if Jesus would be proud of your ability to reach out to so many lost people through your workers; or would he be disappointed that you didn’t use your means to reach out to those who truly need to “see” the love of God through example and giving. I get nauseas anytime I see people like Joel or Bennie. I see ego. Plain and simple. They have made themselves out to be Gods themselves to these followers. The attention is on them, not Jesus. A true spiritual person who truly follows the teachings of this spiritual teacher, Jesus, is out in the dredges of the slums and sick showing God’s love. Mother Theresa is a great example of this. So to all you rich evangelicals, I say, “shame on you!” Why aren’t you in the streets with the poor, dirty, sick human beings, working alongside them, risking your own life and health instead of fancy mansions and jets? But this is all just my opinion. I guess I feel strongly today about this because it is such an important holiday to these “followers “.


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