Get out and vote! Why Bother?

So Bernie Sanders has won several caucuses over Hilary Clinton. What are the people telling the Government? They want Sanders. But he won’t win. Why? Because the two parties are the only parties allowed to run in the end. Even though we the people show who we want, our votes won’t count. Not when it comes to the primary votes. It is rigged in such a way that only a Democrat or Republican will be in the final running. So why do we vote?  The Independent voters and independent Presidential candidates don’t count.

What are the two parties afraid of? Especially the Republican party? I believe they are afraid they will not be able to tell an Independent President how to run the country. The rich corporations and insurance companies won’t have a hold on the Independent President. An independent, I believe, would truly be for the U. S. and its citizens than any President we have had in many years.

We need someone strong enough to stand up to  these big corporations and insurance companies. A whole new Senate committee who are for the people., not for the money they will get for doing what these mongrels want.

People want change. But we won’t get it. Not as long as we hold onto the two parties.We need to take power back away from the super delegates as well. Don’t give them the final decision over who can run in the final campaign. Let ALL citizen votes count throughout the whole campaign. Take away the parties; let all citizen;’s votes  count. If we are not doing this, then why do we have a voting system where only a republican or democrat  can run in the final running. We want change. What doesn’t the government get? We want our jobs brought back to America, what don’t these corporations get? We are paying thousands of dollars for insurance only to have to pay even more out of pocket before the insurance companies will pay. What don’t they get? They are killing their own people. Greed has become the norm, the power that runs our country. Citizens don’t matter. And that is what is causing people to be discouraged about voting and about their government.

Why would we want to support our a government refuses to protect us from these rich power’s? Why would we want to serve our government when it won’t even protect or take care of those who are badly mutilated serving it?  These young men and women are giving up their lives for this country and they still have to pay for all their uniforms! Yet we put clothes on the backs of  those who come over here illegally and learn quickly how to manipulate the system. Sorry folks, Trump has it right when it comes to our government being stupid by allowing all these people from other countries to just come over without question.

I may not be familiar on how the government works; I may not understand the system of allowing people from other countries to just come over here and get aide to start over;and  build  their own businesses, even though we cannot own land or business in their country! I do know this does not make sense. That it is nor in the best interest of the American people. Is it no wonder our youth are joining these enemy groups who are against our country?

No, I honestly don’t believe my vote will count in the end. Yet republicans are loud about those of us who don’t want to vote. I too believe if you don’t vote, you have no place to complain. I will vote. But it will not be for either party. I will throw my vote away to an independent, a no body, before I vote for either republican or democratic party.


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