For the People, By the People. Not anymore.

So now I have three blog sites!  I have no idea what I did, and after spending many hours trying to get it worked out with someone who did not speak English and who are not even in the U.S.,  I simply did what many of us do; I gave up.

And this is what brings me to the topic at hand. Being powerless over these large companies. People who we cannot see or talk to because they are over seas and are reading off cards. Just another form of being controlled. Being powerless in a world that is moving too fast for some of us older folks who just trying to learn the social media world. Powerless over those in charge, the government, insurance companies and large corporations. They all own us. And there is nothing we can do about it. Is there? Isn’t this what these large companies want? For us to get so frustrated over getting what we need or deserve that we just simply give up.

Who really believes we have a chance with either of the two top candidates of being taken care of as we reach retirement? As I get closer I worry I won’t have enough to live on because the government will find a way to take all the money I gave them throughout the years, for MY social security! My future security. It angers me to know or believe I am powerless to do anything about it. How did this happen? How do we get back the America we knew as children? We felt safe, we trust our government cared about us. We were so naive. Now I don’t believe for one moment any of the political giants care about the people. Those of us who are the reason they are so damn rich.

As long as the big corporations and insurance companies get bigger and pay off these government officials we don’t stand a chance. Older citizens don’t matter. Not to our government, not to the young. No one wants to think or acknowledge we exist. We cost too much. There are too many of us living longer and applying for social security. I really don’t blame those who are young and healthy for not wanting to pay for our health through the new insurance policy. And the government doesn’t want to pay for our retirement, They made it “a benefit” so they could take it away one day. We paid all these years towards our retirement only to have it threatened. Our money is now their money. Therefore having our future threatened.

So of course I feel vulnerable. I feel my life is in the hands of those who don’t care. They are rich and powerful, they don’t have the worries of the average American. Where their next meal will come from; how will they pay their medical bills. These rich people don’t have to worry about losing their homes and ending up in the streets. The only worry they have is how can they make more money.

So each day I get up and go to a job I have to try and keep just so I can eat and have a nice bed to sleep in. Each day I wake up and wonder, “is today the day we lose all we have due to loss of jobs?” We both, my husband and I work in jobs the computer generation are taking over little by little. Every day we hear about companies using electronics to replace people. What will happen to all of us who lose our jobs to computers?  Again I am reminded we don’t matter. Only greed matters. I work everyday so the government can continue to take more out of my paycheck and feed their greedy hands with more riches. So they can put their kids in private schools and buy them the latest gadget. Raising another generation of greedy rich people. How will all this end I wonder.

Will any of this matter if we go into WWIII? Will any of this matter if 90% of us are on the streets? Perhaps that will be OK in the long run. Insane thought? Maybe. But think about it. We would have each other to watch out for one another. We won’t be alone in our difficult times. We will have human contact, not social media where we no longer speak to one another. But that is for another post. Right now I am more concerned as to what we, those in our late 50s early 60s are going to be in ten years? Will we have what we deserve? The money we earned by working hard over the years? The money we made, they take every week. How many of us are making enough to put some away every week for our retirement. I bet not many. And now insurance companies, people who don’t even speak our language, are deciding if we can get the medical treatment we need. Am I the only one worried about these things?  Instead of taking care of the american citizens, they are busy giving money to those coming over from other countries. Giving them OUR money to feed their kids because they don’t have jobs or money. Well, Mr. government ( I didn’t capitalize on person) what about your own people? Why aren’t you feeding us? Those who served you and gave their lives up for you? Why aren’t you feeding and clothing them?

I know the only day I can worry about is today. Or as I am told. But one day; tomorrow will be today and we will wake up and think to ourselves. “How did this happen to me.” as we struggle to survive. Exaggeration? Maybe. But what if its not? I detest this sense of powerlessness. There are so many of us baby boomers. What if we all grouped up together. Would there be enough of us to fight back? Would we be strong enough, stubborn enough to hold out until our needs and demands were met? If not, why not?


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