Mistake Number two

Before I go on about my second mistake to this blogging thing, I would like to welcome you into my den. Just imagine a quiet room filled with books and a few comfy chairs for us to sit in and chat.

I have always written since I learned how to put letters together to form words. I don’t know which I loved more as a child, reading or writing. Perhaps they were equal. All I know is that I always had a book in my hand and a journal hiding under my pillow. (Yes, I hid it from four nosy  sisters). There was a particular day I will never forget as long as I live. I was in the 6th grade. We had just read a book about a lioness and her cubs. And the author was going to come visit our class! I was beside myself with excitement to be meeting a real life author of a book I loved. Well, as fate would have it I did not get to meet this guy. I woke up late and missed the bus. I begged my mother to take me to school, I even begged her to let me walk to school. But no meant no in our house. I cried on and off all day knowing my classmates were going to meet this famous person and I would not. I can still see that little girl sometimes, feel her desperate desire to get to that school. Brings tears to my eyes. OK, back to the topic at hand. You will learn that I write like I talk, jumping around from topic to topic. But just go along and like my husband learned, you too will catch on to what I am talking about.

I loved writing stories that I wished were true. My family life was not shall we say, “healthy.” So I would write stories about the family and life I wished I had. My sisters loved listening to them and I enjoyed leaving them hanging until the next night to see what happened next.

Now I am a “mature” lady in her late 50s trying to learn this whole blogging thing. I have started a couple with no success. Partly because when I realized people were reading them I got scared and quit. And partly because I didn’t know how to set one up that would look as good as some of the other professional ones I have seen.

So if you read my first blog you will know I am having a difficult time with the theme. Well it gets better. This evening I checked my email and learned  I got the name wrong for the man who is going to help with the seven day challenge. That should make him want to mentor me. I really am sorry  Jeff Goins! Will you take it as a lady under stress trying to learn something new?

So anyway, I read my email from Jeff and realized I was on the right host site after all.  However thinking I was being taken (you will learn I have trust issues), I got off the site right away and called my bank. Of course they hadn’t posted it which means I didn’t finish the process. So now I am on WordPress but Jeff is more for going Blue Host. And since I respect this writer I want to do what he suggests. So, I can throw my $26.00 out the window and go with blue host or just stay put here until I figure this whole blogging mess out. That seems like the easier route to take for now.

I picked cathies den because I wanted you, the reader to feel you were  welcomed onto my site. To feel comfortable and learn that if you are a senior like myself, you are not alone with your concerns and frustrations of living in this fast paced world. And of course I don’t want to feel I am alone in my fears and concerns. And yes, we want a safe place to rant and rave about our stubborn spouses. So perhaps cathies den isn’t a good title for this; but for now it is what it is. For I am still wishy washy about the main idea for my blog. I just enjoy opening my mouth and throwing it up onto the paper. Some say, “foot in your mouth”, I say “My tongue on my paper”

So about this mistake I made. There is a way I can transfer my blog to the host page for cheaper and it is recommended, however, when I watched video I was at a loss. And of course Jeff did make it clear how easy it was to do. So who am I say different? Well at least by reading my silly posts he will see the real need I have for a mentor and take me on. Or, he could read my posts and run like hell. Whose to know.  So now I have cathiesden.com and cathiesden.net.

Oh, and then I continued to read Jeff’s very helpful e-mail regarding starting your blog and found another mistake I made. Not taking time to think about what I wanted my blog to be about and finding the right name. For instance, my blog will be more about my daily struggles as a older woman in her late fifties who most days has no idea what life is going to throw her way. Nor does she know if she will be ranting through menopause or simply sweating through it on any particular day. So, if I had thought about it more, perhaps I would have come up with a better name for my blog than cathiesden. I wonder if I can edit my name and change it? Its not like anyone knows I exist yet. Oh except my dear friend whose name I will not mention,  got me on this site to begin with. Two ladies who know nothing about computers or blogging helping each other out. Oh yeah, great idea. Don’t read a professional’s suggestion first, that would make too much sense. When will I learn not jump right into an idea!  I mean I am not even sure I will be writing about life as a 50 plus year old woman. I change my mind like I change my underwear, (every day in case you had doubts).

I could not help myself. I wanted so badly to show this writer I needed his help (I’m sure it isn’t obvious) and wanted to look like I knew what I was doing. Of course if I knew what I was doing, I wouldn’t need his help now would I? Oh my goodness I need to shut up before I dig my hole deeper. The more I talk this out the more I hate my blog name. It isn’t going to draw the right group of people I want to talk to . I will have to give it more thought. I don’t need some smart ass kid reading about this dumb ass lady who doesn’t know what she is doing. But I deserve a break. A pat on the back for even trying and believing I can actually pull this witting dream off.

So now I am tired from working at a dead end job going no where, writing a nonsense of a post just to stay on track with the challenge and just want to kick off my shoes, soak in a tub of warm water and read a book. But instead I will finish this post and try to figure out if I can change my Blog name and how to set up the darn theme. Its tough when you don’t have a computer savvy teenager living in your house.

Well reader, I hope I haven’t scared you off or bored you to sleep. Give me time and I promise it will get better. You will see. we are never alone in our insanity. We just think we are.





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