Easy My Ass

OK, I am not stupid. But when I get on WordPress and am thrown into Blue Host and have no idea that I am in the wrong place until after I pay for their site; I am now frustrated. Perhaps past frustration!

So I got out and back into WordPress and am in the process of setting up my page. Again I find that there is no easy instructions on how to set up your headers, footers and other unknown particulars to set up my page.

I really wanted to join the Greg Loins challenge of writing on my blog every day for seven days. So here I am, late at night frustrated and feeling stupid as can be over this whole matter of setting up my blog. I wanted to do it myself; and I will dammit. I will get a good nights sleep and tackle this tomorrow. For now I will start my first day challenge and not worry about its contents. I am sure Greg would understand what I am going through.

I was told or lead to believe there would be step by step instructions to setting up this blog. No. There are no instructions telling me where to go next; however at this point I would like to tell “them” who ever “them” is where to go next! “its easy” they tell me. “Just follow the instructions.” someone says. I am so tired of hearing “its easy” whenever I want to learn social media. It is not easy for me; for the older generation who were not raised on computers and social media. I need step by step instructions. Perhaps Youtube  would help.

So, once again I am reminded of my age gap. Young people get on here and have their blogs set up in moments! Not hours or days like me. Its just so aggravating to not understand what is supposed to be easy. I want to scream, “I AM NOT STUPID!” but I am not sure that would true at this particular moment. I am not feeling too intelligent right now truth be told.

OK, it is not my best post, but it is my first here. And now I can say I met day one’s challenge to write a post. But I want to figure out and set up my profile and page so it looks inviting. I want my readers to see my blog page and be pulled into it.

So another predicament is, when you go to cathiesden.com you will be sent to this horrible website that took my money and will not see my posts. Will readers know to go to cathiesden.net? And how the heck did I get sent to Blue Host? I want my money back dammit. Oh, are we suppose to curse on our posts? Well I really don’t care right now. Think what you will, I am not giving up. Tomorrow is a new day and I will get up early and figure it out. Or perhaps after work. I don’t know, too tired. There is still so much to do. Instead, I wasted a whole evening trying to make this blog site look wonderful. I am only happy knowing no one will read this post; not yet.

Good night.


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